Moved? Me too. In doubt or in awe? Tell me.


Once, I was asked to give advice to a community, I wrote:

Connect more with yourself, with people around you, with the natural world, and the learning will never stop ending. The more you are connected, the more you’ll find yourself cracked open and in love. The moment when you find yourself in a place of love, overflow. And by overflow, I mean create and connect in a manner you know best. The best will give birth only to the best. Goodness will follow without you chasing it because from the very start, you know in yourself that you are part of the great creation.

Wow, that was extra serious. Anyway, I was just saying, if you were moved when you yourself moved around, if you arrived to this space and found beauty in it, or provocation of any kind, I would appreciate you connecting with me. Let’s talk about it. Any way you like - e-mail, in Facebook or Instagram, or you can surprise me while I spend time in a cafe in the city, or while I gaze out the window of a moving vehicle on the way to the beach. Some thanked me for my words and their inspiring ripples, a few asked for writing tips and even showed me their works, others requested for guides on places I’ve been to and recommendations on books I’ve read. Lucky you, this space is carved out exclusively for that purpose:

writing and/or editing services // consultation on creative projects // inquiries // collaboration // questions // thank-you note // love letter // feedback // coffee or travel or artsy or music event invitation // connection // beyond + SUBMIT with love

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