Re-imagining Fireflies in Fantasies: What Travel Writing Isn’t Anymore

For all I know, that non-stop rain eventually washed away what once was pressed into the forest and the foreign kids and the wooden bridge and the memories of that night. There are some stories where we can sometimes rest, or reflect, but there might come a time, they will be the same stories we feel the need to no longer tell.

It was my birthday, five years ago, and traveling with friends, we saw the thousand fireflies along a river somewhere in Borneo.

But I have a confession: I don’t want to talk about inner transformation in the lens of travel anymore.

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In Between the Paradox: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In the middle of it all, I was merely an observer of the paradox. Life can either be painfully hard or fortunately easy and yet it’s not that simple to categorize. However, one can trace a similar and repetitive pattern in the cycle of wants and needs of humanity. It can be consuming, no doubt, and sometimes energy-depleting as we focus heavily on our tunnel visions of achieving better, fuller lives, often based on the standards of society. Obligations, goals and achievements chase us as we chase them.

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On Learning Italian

The power and meaning this afternoon walk carried had confirmed my love for Italy and for Europe. It wasn’t merely in my head anymore, as I was finally embodying it. While crossing the border to Czech Republic, my face was wet with tears. I was leaving Italy, the country in Europe where I had stayed the longest. Looking out the window from my Flixbus seat, I promised myself that upon returning to the Philippines, I would learn Italian.

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