Dear Artists of Movement


I’ve noticed you have explored out there, and felt freer. An infinite and quite priceless feeling. Something inside you changed, moved, expanded. You unlearnt what you learnt, so you’re wiser than before. But there is a looming challenge, especially on the aftermath of travels.

How do you reconcile where you’ve been, where you are, and where you will be?

Who are you then? Who are you now?

These are some of the questions raised, and has been continually unraveling as various places are departed from and arrived at. Like life at large.

Through explorations in your own country or abroad, in solitude or with company, one is inevitably led to the movement happening within. That is to say, the mind, body, and spirit are engaged altogether. And in the interplay, possibly, we just might unearth an interconnection and grow into this ever-belonging wholeness.

Art of Movement offers an intimate space to ponder on and bring your outer travels into consciousness and then make use for your inner development.

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…it turned up to be more than mere exploration for it transcended into understanding of all sorts. The things I hold dearly, hesitant on revealing them to others, this guy happened to be a reflection of courage and eased into my being. What I thought was hideous, he brought into spotlight for all, but most especially, for me to see. Such phenomenon led me into acceptance, that it’s all okay, very much okay and lovely to blossom.

All senses awakened in the body and opened in the soul an inexplicable kind of appreciation. It has this immortal circulation, so it must be true love. No, it didn’t start with romance. It started with love for oneself, expanding into knowing how to love and understand everything and everyone this mysterious world contains.




Hola! Salut! Ciao!

I’m Lovey.

I have a confession: I am not full-time traveling. Rather, I claim to be full-time inquiring, largely curious about life - its plainness and perplexity, the galaxical paradox and glimpses of the absolute.

By mid-day, I’m a data analyst of French healthcare data for a healthcare & IT services company. Come late nights, I’m a writer. From time to time, I also hold writing workshops, art exhibits, and transformational travel retreats. My writings and photos have been published in Thought Catalog, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s creative platform Brew Your Best Year, and Roam Magazine, and have been featured in Native Province as one of the 5 Filipina writers to follow in Instagram. I also do proofreading - previously unofficially for my friend’s awesome travel blog The Big Black Backpack, and now, officially for ESTEL, the in-house magazine of The Birdhouse El Nido.

Words have always been my inclination since childhood. I am greatly amused by the way writing sculpts a connection to and among things all by itself, like magic. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I’ve finally and fully embraced how inseparable it is to me.

The Expansion


In 2015, the creation of Art of Movement would be an idea, springing from an amalgam of life-expanding experiences and encounters. It was an inevitable thing, because by then, I would be cracked widely open by my first travel abroad circa 2013 in South Korea. It would be part of the process of displacing myself from the silhouette, of showing up to the world as well as letting go. Of singing with my most intimate voice and singing with others too, with the hope that one day, the melodies of the most intimate will be heard and sung together into the universal voice.

Deciding to express that intimate voice attracted a superabundance that would sometimes leave me in joyful tears. It’s hard to contain this gigantic gratitude and love, so on the first anniversary (2016) of Art of Movement, I crafted my very first transformational travel retreat in La Trinidad, Benguet supported by friends and strangers-turned-friends. It was there, on a blue moon on the month of October, that I had an incredible experience of becoming one with all - humans and their stories, lush mountains faraway and flowers nearby, organic food on our table, misty air, melody of feet on wooden floors and of pens on papers, honesty hours and timeless truths - of loving everything and everyone. No joke. (Though I believe this “flow” moment wasn't my first time.) I was in an absolute realm. To say that it changed my life is an understatement. The next year, I set myself up for a challenge and spoke about writing and walking as a creative process for three hours as well as put up an arts exhibit with my The Echoes partner-in-arts for two months. The creative workshop and exhibit tested my capacities to the brim, and I wouldn’t trade that pouring of mind, body, and soul with anything.

During the same year, I have also undergone Reiki Level I and II trainings and received attunement in the Philippines. Magic unfolded in a manner so effortless which led to the co-creation of Longer Dawns, a wellness-oriented offering of services and gatherings such as private Reiki healing sessions, retreats, and talks.

Yet at the root of it all, I am not any of these endeavors. This, I have come to terms with intimately when my dear Art of Movement blog became irretrievable because of my forgetfulness. But it’s okay, because I would embody and enjoy the wisdom of attachment and non-attachment, of showing up and of letting go. Again, a revelation of wholeness in the paradoxes. This blog would be on hiatus for a year. Nonetheless, I would still write. I would continue to move and be moved. Life would be lived like a mighty river and I bet that wouldn’t stop. Not at all. In the words of a participant from Back to Basics retreat-turned-friend, “nothing is ever final”.

The connection almost always remains a mystery behind the constant movement with and among people and tectonic plates and ideas and emotions and coffee spills and words and light. It crawls and leaps, drops and runs, breathes and washes, and widens the spirit a little more. While you’re present in this space, it would be awesome to share this gentle (also sometimes tough) pursuit of tracing and braving the inner and outer landscapes with you.

Welcome home.





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