Art of Movement
Art of Movement
travel towards and within

movement towards leads to movement within


Yo, artist of movement!

My name is Lovey and I thank you for your presence.

To travel towards and within is the core of Art of Movement - part-travelogue, part-philosophical inquiry.

This space strives to de-mystify all parts of ourselves as we explore parts of the world. Mobility and being. Action and essence. Conquest and contemplation.

In the hopes of channeling the interconnectedness of it all, I write about places and humans and philosophies I (dis)identify as homes and discomfort zones, as well as craft events as inspired by seasons of life. If you find joy and meaning in exploring the inner and outer worlds, I am with you and this is for you. May you find oneness in the fragments and polarities.

She’s the magnet for all things organic, she has this vibe that radiates so bright you can feel her awesome presence through the cosmos... She’s a great conversationalist, awesome listener, has a lot of deep and poignant thoughts that might make you consider her as a traveling psychologist.
— simon joro gonzaga (

Retreats & Workshops

Creating intersections and covering wild spaces beyond story telling. Here, gatherings are crafted as inspired by arts, adventure, and spirituality in the pursuit of mind-body-spirit interconnection and self-development and empowerment.

No guarantee we’ll arrive into the answers, but feel free to join in the journey of becoming.


Movement, In Stories

a poetic offering to everywhere we've been, where we are going, and to somewhere we will be

Before anything, can I just say, as if I don’t say it often enough already, that your words and the way you see the world is something the rest of us can only wish we inherit? You ARE a good storyteller. I doubt there’s still any wanderlust in me left to awaken after reading the background story. What more the blog?
— sofia cope (
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